Things You Learn on a Youth Mission Trip

new-image.JPG 1. 100 people can do A LOT of work and make A BIG difference.

2. Rain always = Mud

3. 100 shoes with mud on them makes a BIG mess!

4. 100 people will never do exactly what you want them to do.

5. Wood stain does not come off with soap and water.

6. Snipe hunting is FUN! 😉 (Especially with 6th graders! I’m so bad…)

7. Inspired, lead and given the chance, students will work their butts off and blow you away!

8. Leaders rock my freaking face off… (We have THE BEST leaders at northwest campus, hands down!)

9. Not every student in your core group has given thier life to Christ. (Some are still searching.)

10. God can do amazing things when we take the time to stop and acknowledge His GREATNESS!

I love what I do! Any fun mission trip stories, or lessons?

6 Responses to “Things You Learn on a Youth Mission Trip”

  • Hannah says:

    Definately! Girl boo rain won’t stop us.

  • misti says:

    Adult leader breaks are SO needed at times !!! And it is amazing what students can do if you give them direction and reasons why they do it!!!!

  • taylor says:

    so many of these echo what our ED switch spring break trip last year was like! minus the snipe hunting – i haven’t conned my 7th grade girls into doing that just yet, haha.

  • Kara says:

    Campfires and worship are a necessity. :)

  • Anna says:

    Hannah–You’re so right, girl!
    Misti–Haha That’s absolutely true! Leader breaks are allowed! I also agree that students need reasons why and they will blow you away!
    Taylor–Snipe hunting is SO much fun! Haha!
    Kara–Agreed… I had so much fun with you this past weekend! You’re an amazing leader!

  • Lulu says:

    9 and 10 are so true. And one students found out just how true 10 can be for her in her life. That alone made it a successful weekend for me!

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