Too Young

All my life I’ve been “too young.”

  • Too young to graduate,
  • Too young to travel alone,
  • Too young to be a pastor,
  • Too young to have the success God has given me… 

yada, yada, yada…

Here are the top 5 ways you know you’re too young:

  • While visiting students at school you get repremanded and asked to return to class
  • You can’t drive the church van or rental car on the mission trip.
  • You turn the corner to meet with a parent about their troubled teen and they say, “YOU’RE the youth pastor?”
  • You can’t participate in you company’s 401K program for another year.
  • You end up leading adults who are old enough to be your dad (or they are your dad! 😉

I’m glad I’ve never listened to those lies about being too young!

What about you? Have you ever been too young?

6 Responses to “Too Young”

  • Chris S. says:

    Ha! My wife was the varsity track coach at the local high school a few years back and the custodian told her that she needed to have an adult with her to use the gym!

  • Age aint nothin but a number… God is preparing some leaders at a much earlier age! The key is to be open, be prepared and to be ready!

  • mandy says:

    I think after you, I just might be the next best example. I think I fit most of those things. You’re only 19? Can you really work this much? You’re graduating when?? You haven’t been in college that long! You want to do what? Children’s ministry? But you’re just too young.

    But sometimes, I listen. A lot of times, I think my age is the one thing holding me back from doing whatever.

  • On the other side of that coin, you know when you realize you are finally “too old”? It’s when you miss being “too young”. (grin)
    The “teenager” is a modern myth created by this modern age and supported by our technology. Childhood is a luxury most of the world can’t afford. I guess I’m saying enjoy it while it lasts. Seriously, I WANT to be asked to show my driver’s license. It just doesn’t happen. (grin)

  • Yeah…I feel too young to be this old! :)

    Great blog….it was fun to read!

  • Kevin Cooper says:

    Yep I know you mean.
    + too young to have a good idea
    + too young to have credibilty
    + too young to lead

    And I’m almost 31.

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