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The Patient

Dedicated to my friend Jeremy Baldwin

It was something that couldn’t be denied any longer. The shrieks and screams of pain continued to get worse. It was the fear and anxiety that she wouldn’t last another day that propelled him to admit her. One long week of tests followed and finally with the diagnosis made he rested a little easier knowing the odds were in her favor.

It was hard on him to be away so long. Even with the diagnosis, treatments were slow and progress seemed to always take two steps forward and one step back. He visited often, but sometimes the business of life got in the way. Several surgeries took place, of which he was present for all. The blinding lights and small metal tools strewn across the work place turned the bolt in his heart a little tighter. He missed her so much.

One cold and rainy night the Dr. told him his wait might just be over. One more proceedure lacked, and then maybe, just maybe he could take her home. The lightening licked the sky and thunder rumbled the building as they worked. Seeing her opened up had become less and less alarming. The Dr.’s skilled hands worked with little effort… until.

“I can’t see it,” the Dr. said.

See what? He wanted to scream.

Persparation beeded his forehead. He could sense the Dr. becoming alarmed. Seconds ticked by like minutes. Minutes seeemed to take hours. Was she going to be all right? Was she going to make it? He couldn’t imagine not having her. She’d been with him for almost three years. He closed his eyes bringing the image of her sleek body back to his mind. Oh, how he missed the way she felt, the way she hugged the road when he took the sharp turns, the way she rumbled while sitting idly. She had to make it. She had to!

“There,” The Dr. said, startling him from his reverie. In his angst he hadn’t noticed the last part being bolted in. He opened his eyes to see the Dr. dropping her lid.

“Start ‘er up,” he said, dusting his oil stained trousers and wiping a black streak of engine fluid across his sweat stained forehead.

Did he hear the Dr. correctly? He approached cautiously. It had been over a month. He touched her gingerly and slowly sat, turning the key and reving her to life.

A small smile played at his lips. His baby was back.

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