How to Network and Win!

Conferences are great places to network and meet people in your area of ministry or expertise. Even if you’re not at a conference, networking is a tool for anyone who wants to compound his or her influence (More on this later.)

Here are some great “best practices” on how to network that have really worked for me!

  • Look people in the EYE
  • Give them a FIRM handshake
  • Say your name CLEARLY!! First and last. (At the same time you do the top two)
  • Ask questions about them! People WANT to talk about themselves. As humans we are hardwired to be SELF-THINKING. Play into people’s desire to be heard. Shut up and listen! If you’re other people’s biggest fan, they will want to be around you!
  • Remember names, faces or facts. (If you’re not good at remembering names, at least try to remember their face or facts about the conversation you last had.) BTW you can really only do this if you were really LISTENING!
  • Talk to anyone and everyone. You never know what people have to offer. 

How do you rate yourself in any of these areas? 

2 Responses to “How to Network and Win!”

  • You are very good at all these points. Thanks for the reminder that it’s important to make other people feel important….because they ARE!

    And on the last point….you never know what God may speak through YOU to someone else that needs His love and touch.

    Miss you :)

  • jonathan says:

    Now I’m wondering if I’ve looked you in the eye enough this week…

    and remembering is key!

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