Today is Wednesday. The day that, for the past eight years, has been dedicated to my student ministry—whether I was a student, a leader or a youth pastor. Over the course of those years our culture has continued to warp and change as sixth graders, all too soon become 12th graders.

Right now as I look into our youth group (SWITCH) these three issues seem to be the most common.

  • Little to no belief in an absolute truth
  • No thought to the consequences of their actions
  • Distant or non-existent parental covering

The last one is a whole notha post for a whole notha day!

So, here’s what I need: If you are a youth pastor, a volunteer leader, or a parent of a teenager, take a moment and think of the three top challenges your group or individual struggles with today, and leave them in the comments.

3-2-1 go! 

3 Responses to “#stumin”

  • Kevin Cooper says:

    I think the top 3 for us have been:

    +no real depth of faith, its more of a, yeah I go to church, I’m a good person. I’m not convinced that they really feel that Jesus does and walks along side them.

    +no desire to bring their non-christian friends to youth events, no matter what the style of event we are having. It’s like youth to them becomes an escape from the “real” world they experience at school, etc. They don’t want their worlds to colliade, kinda like the Seinfiled eposide, “Worlds are colliding Jerry, worlds are colliding”

    +And I agree with your last item, parents look at youth as: You put them in and they’ll come out the other side a wonderful Christian. Parents aren’t willing to walk along side youth ministry.

  • Kristie says:

    -Misinterpretation of who God is. To kids or teens God is a means to an end, you pray to him when things are not good, when you need him to do something. It’s an instant gratification thing, if he doesn’t answer or make things better right away they become discouraged and question everything they’ve been taught about him.

    -Noise. Its so hard to keep their attention long enough to really get them to understand what being a Christ follower is all about. Most of them understand how Christ died for us, but how do we get them to sit still long enough to understand WHY?

    -Stigma. For teens I think being a Christian is almost a Stigma. It becomes an adjective rather then a way of life to them. Outside of church many teens won’t act as if they are Christ followers because of the weight that carries. To them it’s a characteristic that leaves them wide open to judgment and criticism, in church they are surrounded by people that are there for the same purpose, but in school or at home they would be going against the norm if they continued to act the same way and conformity is the only way to not single yourself out.

  • Robin McKee says:

    I would have to say the three biggest facing us up here in Canada are

    1. Authentic Faith
    2. Understanding Grace
    3. Wise Choices when it comes to friends.

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