You’re FAT (2)

I walked through life believing this lie for far too long. As I think back on it now, I’m shocked at how my thoughts had such a strong effect on my actions. I believed I was fat, therefore, I would overeat, not exercise, or at least cut corners if I did. 

My perception of myself became my reality, (read that again.) and I plunged down a destructive spiral that I felt powerless to stop. 


Until I realized. I was not fat. I was merely stuck in a fat person’s body. Anna, the real Anna was not this overweight, depressed girl who didn’t see a way out. She was joyful, full of life, full of love, an encourager, energetic! But stuck. How was I going to push through? How was I going to become on the outside, what I knew I was on the inside? 

The answer: TRUTH. 

For too long, I lived in this lie: “You’re fat, therefore you’re not whole. No one likes you. No one wants to be around you.” I thought it was true, so it became true. But once I started changing my thinking, other things started to change as well. I realized I was living a lie, so to overcome that lie, I had to find truth. And where better to find truth, than the Truth itself? 

I dove into the scriptures, finding truths that directly countered the lies I believed about myself. 

I’m fat, I’m ugly—> “The King is enthralled with my beauty, honor Him for He is your Lord!”–Psalm 45:11

No one likes me, no one wants to be around me—> “I have chosen you to be my special treasure.”–Deuteronomy 7:6

Any time the lie would hit, I would have a truth ready to do battle. It was hard at first. Sometimes it felt like I would take one step forward, and two steps back. But I trudged forward, knowing I had to change my thinking. Pretty soon, believing truth became like second nature to me. I walked in the confidence of His truth, and soon the lies slowly fell away, and with them, the weight. I slowly became on the outside what I knew I was on the inside. His truth changed me from the inside out! Now, I continue to walk in truth, doing battle against the lies that come my way. 

What about you? Do you believe the truth about yourself, or are you spiraling down a deadly cycle you feel powerless to stop? Maybe you don’t even struggle with weight, like I did, but you do face an equally difficult lie, an insecurity that holds you back. Do you want to be free? The truth will set you free. 

Activities to consider:

1. Write down the top five characteristics that describe you. Ex: Joyful, encourager, energetic, etc. This is who you are! (If you have a difficult time with this, ask your husband, a trusted friend or relative.) 

2. Write down the top three lies your believe about yourself. 

3. Find three scriptures that directly counter the lies you believe. Memorize them.

4 Responses to “You’re FAT (2)”

  • Jess G says:

    (1 of 2) Anna, this is beautiful and so true! I thought I'd impart a bit of wisdom I gleaned from the last leadership book I read…. "The Accidental CEO"…. it's called the B.E.A.R analysis..
    What we BELIEVE affects our EMOTIONS, which prompt us into ACTIONS which produce RESLULTS which reaffirm our belief! – Belief. Emotions. Actions. Results. Self-fulfilling prophecy. On the contrary, we experience false beliefs that produce results we do NOT want that affect us negatively; if we don't change what we believe we will never get the results we want.

  • Gina says:

    I am trying to walk in this truth right now. Everyone in my family is overweight. So I believed it was just my fate. But it not me. I am not a fat girl. But I say things to make fun of myself, "the fat girl". And I let myself believe the lie. I'm learning to get used to saying, "I am not a fat girl." It still hurts and I can't do it all day yet. Just one hour at a time. Thank you for your openess.

  • The mind is the most effective Quantum processor in existence. It can handle all possible realities at once. And collapse the wavefront into the one we believe in the most.

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