You’re FAT!

When I was in the 8th grade a “friend” of mine used those words to cut me. Not knowing what else to do I threw an equally hurtful cut down in his face. Being a guy, he took it as more of a joke than anything else.

But I didn’t. I remembered it. From that moment on. I remembered it.

I carried those words around for years. Wondering who else thought them. Wondering who else was saying them under their breath, or to a friend once my back was turned. Those words were the filter of most of my interactions with people. I was never really able to be myself, because in my mind the question kept bouncing around like a little imp needing attention: “Do they think I’m fat?”

It wasn’t until much later in life, that I realized I was living under a lie. No, the lie was not “You’re Fat!”–that was actually true.┬áThe lie that I’d been believing for years was that, “I’m fat, and therefore I’m not whole.” I’m missing something. I’m not a true person.–Those are lies.

Realizing that I was living under lies was half the battle but it took me another few years to find out how to overcome them…

7 Responses to “You’re FAT!”

  • working on your book? A great chapter!! :) Can't wait to read more.

  • taylor says:

    BEAUTIFUL post! as i continue to hear this hurtful phrase, it's becoming harder and harder to remember truth and motivate myself to change. thank you for the encouragement!

  • Mikie says:

    Abbi sent me your way today after a conversation she and I had yesterday. I needed this series. Thanks!

  • Kazzles says:

    It's funny you write about this, I was going through some old photos and looking back I can't believe how totally not fat I was! I would love to be those sizes again! But, I know people have told me I'm fat ever since I was about six. Actually, I'm the biggest I have ever been in my life right now, but before that I was definitely not over-weight! But I've carried it with me all those years!

    • Anna_Meadows says:

      Kazzles, Isn't it funny how sometimes we can slowly become what others say of us? If we're not careful, and if we don't listen to the right voices, that is exactly what can happen!

  • "you're not good enough" was mine. I think it's more about esteem for guys than image.

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