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Classical music falls from the speaker overhead, the low rumble of conversation is a momentary but welcome distraction. I’m at one of my favorite places to write, and write I must! 

A 4 week series for our 5th and 6th grade ministry The Loop is due today. (I haven’t started!) I know, I know Procrastination kills the bird… or something like that… 

The topic: Identity.

The theme: Getting ready for school in the morning.

The outline: Do you know who you are? 

Week 1–Do you know if you’re clean? // Taking a shower, brushing teeth, getting clean spiritually. 

Week 2–Do you know who you represent? // What we wear says a lot about us. 

Week 3–Do you know what you’re taking with you? // Packing a backpack, what baggage do we have that we need to give to Jesus?

Week 4–Do you know who you are?// Looking in the mirror. What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. Are you believing lies, or are you believing truth? 

That’s the basic outline. But I need YOUR help! What are some scriptures I can use that go with each week? What are some cool thoughts I haven’t jotted down yet?

Help me out! Help me get inspired!

3 Responses to “Help Me Get Inspired!”

  • Every child is a wonderful creation by God….the Creater of the Universe and he is absolutely flipping crazy about each and every one of us. I read about your weight loss….that's amazing…..i have lost 50 lbs myself and i could not have done it without God…..insecurity has always been an issue for me until I was able to overcome it by letting God into my heart and by being myself and just loving people all around me.

    I surely hope for all the kids out there…that no matter what they are facing…they will know in their hearts that God loves them and they each have a purpose in this world.

    Keep up the great work girl!!

    Cheryl Meares

  • K Ford says:

    Random thoughts at 2am =)

    You are already clean…
    John 15:3

    By this all men will know…
    John 13:34-35

    What you're bringing-
    Spiritual Gifts
    diff. gifts, same spirit
    1 Cor. 12:4-6
    my burden is easy

    Too many to write down
    My fave: 1 John 3:1

  • Did you want easy: What role models are part of your identity?
    or hard: What secrets are you afraid to reveal about your identity?
    What? Not a teacher. (grin)

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