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5 Signs You Don’t Know Who You Are

I’m not talking about social security cards and driver’s licenses, I’m talking about identity: the condition of being oneself; the sense of self, providing sameness and continuity in personality over time.

I work with lots of people in my job, co-workers, volunteers, students, parents, and everyday I observe people who either have a very strong sense of identity, or those who have no idea who they are. Here are 5 signs you may not know who you are.

1. You copy the behavior of whoever seems cool at the time.

2. You dabble in a vast variety of hobbies and activities, never committing to one or the other.

3. You’re opinions are either never shared, or always easily swayed.

4. You crave the praise and admiration of other people–Actually you almost need it to survive.

5. You’re often doubting, dogging, or down on yourself.

Can you think of anymore to share?

I’ve struggled myself in this area of identity, but following these next 5 steps, your identity will slowly be revealed.

1. Ask God to show you who you are. Everyday, until He does.

2. Find a trusted older friend or mentor who has a strong sense of identity. Ask them to help you in your journey to finding yours.

3. Take various personality, spiritual gifts, and strengths finder tests. These are tools to help us discover who we are.

4. Quit prostituting your emotions on other people. Get a grip on yourself and act like an adult!

5. Believe in who God has made you to be. You’ll never be good at being someone else!

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