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Why Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is Actually Harmful to Your Health

Comfort ZoneHow we all wish that were true! Then we’d have a legitimate excuse to stay in our little box, never venturing out, never meeting new people, and never exploring new adventures.

I’m a huge advocate for getting out of your comfort zone. I read once that doing something you don’t want to do at least once a day, builds character. Since reading that, I’ve tried to make it a point to regularly push out the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Below are 5 things you may never realize unless Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is a regular habit:

1. You never know who you are going to meet! (As I was writing this, I just met a woman named Carolyn. She is a SAG member from Idaho.)

2. You never know what new experiences you will acquire. (I once read that it is better to collect experiences, rather than possessions. Experiences can’t break, get old, or get taken away!)

3. You never know how God might want to use you in a particular situation. (He sees the bigger picture, not us… enough said!)

4. You’ll never know what you never knew… (It’s time to learn something new!)

5. You may never know what you are truly capable of!

Add more of your own, and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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