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The #1 Trick to Overcoming Insecurity

TrickDon’t you wish we could all just live life the way God intended it? Sometimes I wish I had a magical wand and with just the right wave, and just the right words we could all live that perfect life. Away from pain and heartache, away from lies and bondage, and freed from the negative opinions of others and even more deadly the negative opinions we have of ourselves. But unfortunately there is no magic wand. Too many of us live the life we have: Imprisoned to our own self-doubt, in bondage to the lies we believe as true, and held back from the all that God has in store for us.

But here’s my question: When did we allow someone else to dictate how we live? When did we let the lies and excuses take away our opportunity for greatness? So many people forget that they are in control of their lives, they are in control of their thinking and therefore they are responsible for the results or outcomes of the life God has given them. For too long I have lived my life letting something else dictate my actions. For too long I have watched as others succumb to the lies of the enemy never realizing this all important truth, the #1 weapon to use when you face the enemy of insecurity.

You must remember that:  Perception is Reality.  Your perception of yourself, is everyone else’s reality.

  • If you don’t believe in yourself, have a poor self-image, and hold yourself back because of insecurity, you will act out of that perception and therefore it becomes reality.

Therefore: People will doubt your ability, feel sorry for you and ultimately may discount your credibility.


  • If you believe what GOD says about you, find your image and identity in HIM, and  jump into opportunities that HE leads you to (whether you think you can do it or not) you will act out of that perception, (which is the truth anyway.) and it will become your reality.

Therefore: People will believe in you, follow you as you lead, and be challenged because of the way you live your life.

Perception is Reality.

What perception are you living out?

You are in control.

Live the life God intended.

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