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The 4 Lies that Steal a Woman’s Identity

What does a woman look like today?

Maybe a better question is: what should a woman look like today? We all knew what a woman looked like back in the 1950s.

1950s WomanThey were the portrait of duty, stepping in to handle things even when the men went off to war.

1970s WomanBut only 2 decades later we see women rising up in protest, demanding that we have the same rights as men.

So that just makes me wonder, what does the woman look like today? In our fast-paced, instant-gratifying culture, with no real sense of absolute, truth I realized, we don’t really know what a woman looks like today. I blame most of this on the fact that we’ve been believing lies since the beginning of time. In the garden, Eve was deceived by the serpent, and ever since then we’ve been allowing that same deceiver to whisper lies into our minds.

  • You’re nobody unless somebody loves you.
  • You’re nobody unless you’re pretty.
  • You’re nobody unless you’re as strong, as good and as successful as your male counterparts.
  • You’re nobody unless you’re better than somebody else.

The father of lies, uses lies to steal the one thing he knows would give us power, if we just believed it: Our Identity.

He wants to steal our identity. If he can effectively steal our identity he knows he’s pulled the shade over our eyes. He knows we’ll fall for whatever charade he prances before us, whatever insecurity we allow to dominate our thoughts, words, and actions.

But I say, it’s time to declare war on these lies. It’s time to get a little sweaty, get a little bloody, and use the weapons we’ve been given to fight this battle we all face. We don’t have to believe these lies any longer. It’s time to take back our identity and find out what we as women truly look like.

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