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Letters From Last Night

Last night for SWITCH we talked about the Bible, and how the Bible is God’s note to us. To start this conversation with our students we had each of them write a note to anyone they wanted. Below are some of the best! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Max, I love you. You’re the best dog in the whole world. I tell you everything because you’re the only guy I actually trust. You’ll never hurt me, leave me and you’ll always love me, kinda like God.–Lindsey

Dear Tyree, You look so weird and ugly! Just kidding! You are a beast!! Like, OMG, I’m serious. You are freakin’ awesome! So, what up, my bro?–from Conner PS: I’m glad to be an American.

Dear Sarah, I feel so blessed that you would come to church with me instead of watching TV. I pray that your eyes open and see how awesome God can be.–Your BFF Emily

Dear Justice, I miss you! It sucks that you’re grounded for like 20 thousand months! -Mariah

I love you God. You’re so freakin’ amazing and I always know you’re there for me.–Love Shawn

Dear SWITCH student, If I could write you anything it would be to tell you how much God loves you and desires to have a personal, real, dynamic relationship. God wants you right now! Don’t wait!–SWITCH Leader

Mrs. Gault, you’re the meanest math teacher ever! You always blame me for everything. You give us too much homework, but it’s ok.–Jess

Dear God, I really need your help. I’m having trouble with fake friends. I feel soo, soo alone and I feel like I can’t trust anybody.–Your friend, Shemetria

Tony, Hey! I like tots. The tater kind.–Chase

Dear Grandma, Life is so weird without you. I miss you a lot. If you get a chance will you ask God to tell my dad to answer the phone the next time I call?–SWITCH student

Dear Students, I am so excited you are here today! I feel totally blessed to be able to share the love of Jesus with you tonight. I am trying to earn your trust by being here every week and by being available outside of SWITCH. Please understand that I love you for who you are, not what you have done.–SWITCH Leader.

I feel incredibly blessed to work with these students and leaders. If you don’t mind, take a moment and offer a prayer for our SWITCH students. Thanks!

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