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3 Attitudes of Insecurity

InsecurityFor the next few posts we’ll need a working definition of insecurity.

Insecurity: lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt; Not sure or certain; doubtful; Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe

This definition gives us a glimpse of the attitudes and actions of a person controled by insecurity.

What does a person do when they lack confidence? They are untrusting.

What about if they are not sure, uncertain or doubtful? They are cautious, or held back.

What about if they don’t feel protected? They attack.

These three attitudes are indicators of a person struggling with inscurity. Perhaps you know someone who acts this way. Perhaps you, yourself struggle with one or more of these attitudes. When a sickness is diagnosed it is much easier to know what medications to apply to fight it off. The same is true in this case, knowing the enemy we fight gives us a much better advantage in defeating it.

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