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The Spartan Wife

Perhaps the most fascinating role the Spartan Woman plays, is the role of a wife.Off to War

Queen Gorgo, is the wife of King Leonidas in the movie 300, which beautifully displays the truth that behind every good man, is a good woman.

There are several traits that stand out to me when seeing the Spartan Woman as a wife. But perhaps the most astounding isĀ The Spartan Wife displays amazing control of emotion. When her King is about to leave for war, she simply tells him, “Spartan, come back with your shield, or on it.”

She knows the dangers that lie ahead of him. She has surrendered to the fact that he may die, and she may never see him again. Yet she has complete control of her emotions because she knows the duty that lays on her husbands shoulders. She won’t add to that pressure by acting on the fear and anxiety that separation brings. Why? Because she is a Spartan Wife.

Here’s where that speaks to me. My husband has to go out of town often. Nearly a week out of every month I’m without him. How do I act? I can tell you, it’s not like the Spartan Wife with her poise and control. Instead it’s more like a bratty three year old, complete with tears, bouts of pouting, and plenty of long sighs that we women know speak louder than words.

I realize this does nothing to help my husband. In fact it hinders him. He’s going into the battle. He can’t help the fact that his work pulls him away more periodically than I would like. He doesn’t need to step into the battle of providing for our family with a non supportive and whiny wife at home. He doesn’t need to feel the guilt that I want him to feel when I act on my emotions. That’s acting in selfishness. He needs me to stand up straight, keep my tears at bay, and tell him to go conquer the world because I know he can. That’s the way of the Spartan Wife.

But what if you’re not married yet? You can still begin to display the characteristics of the Spartan Woman. Do you often find yourself complaining that Mr. Right hasn’t shown up yet? Are you waiting around, believing the lie that you’re nobody until somebody loves you? Stand up straight, Spartan Woman! Wipe those tears away and know that your Spartan Warrior awaits his arrival. Pray for his safe return from battle so he can sweep you off your feet someday.

We, as women, are wired with emotions. They are a good and natural part of life. But the danger is when we use those emotions to manipulate the behavior of those around us, especially the behavior of our husbands. We know the power our emotions possess. But it’s time we use that power not for guilt trips and bitterness but to encourage, enable, and inspire our warrior husbands.

After all, behind every good man, is a good woman.

What kind of support system are you being for your husband?

Do you often find yourself using your emotion to manipulate, even if you don’t do it intentionally?

If you’re single, what emotional changes do you need to make to become like the Spartan Woman and be ready for your warrior someday?

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