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The Key to Being a Spartan Woman

I’d like to finish out our series by talking about what I believe is the key to becoming a Spartan Woman. Everything we’ve talked about this week points to one central thought, one recurring theme as to why the Spartan Woman is the way she is.

Being a Spartan Woman means: Knowing life is hard, but resolving to fight through it anyway. Spartan Woman

Life isn’t a piece of cake. It is full of it’s own difficulties, challenges and hardships. There are things that happen that we wish wouldn’t have. Things we’d like to change, but can’t. Things that interrupt our lives that we wish we could ignore. But stepping into your role as the Spartan Woman means you have a resolve to take life as it comes. It means you become all that you should be as the daughter of a Warrior KING, taking on many of His qualities as life requires them.

This may mean you’ll have to get dirty now and again. Fight life’s battles and not be afraid of getting hurt in the process. Stand up for yourself and those you love and not back down in the face of adversity. It may mean you have to do some things that you might not like to do. Say some things that may be hard to say, and all the while knowing this is just the life of a Spartan Woman.

How do we fight? We fight with our head. We fight with our hearts. We fight on our knees with dedication and passion. We resolve to never back down, or let circumstances overwhelm us, because we know that no weapon created against us will succeed.

We fight with a Sword so sharp it separates soul and spirit, bone and muscle, joints and marrowWe fight against fear, bondage and the attack of our spiritual enemies. We fight for ourselves, our husbands, children, friends and family. We do not fight alone or in our own power, but we fight knowing a power greater than ourselves backs us up. We fight together. We fight for each other, with each other, but never against each other. We fight for honor. Valor. Love. Truth. We fight for what is dear to us, knowing if we don’t do it who else will?

That’s the Spartan Woman I want to be. Who else is with me?

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