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America is Big, Big

I met a pastor yesterday visiting from the Czech Republic. His name was Rodik and he oversees the music at his church in the Czech Republic. Our conversation was lively as we got a glimpse into the worlds of one another. I was enlightened as I got the chance to see things from a different perspective. He told me it was his first time to come to the states, ever! (Welcome to Oklahoma?) So I asked him,

“What do you think of America?” Big Gulp

With a slight grin, he told me in his beautiful Czech accent, “America is big, big! Everything is bigger… the cars are big, the drinks are big, the people are big!”

He held up the 8 oz. styrofoam cup he was drinking from and said, “In my country, this is the normal size. At Star Bucks, the smallest size they have is bigger than this!”

I laughed and we continued our conversation until he and his friend had to leave.

I didn’t think much about our conversation until I was at the gas station a couple hours later filling a 32 oz. Big Gulp with Dr. Pepper.

America is big, big! How did we get to be this way? The more I have thought about our interaction the more I see if everywhere. I passed a sign with big golden arches that said, “Any size drink, just a $1” Any size? I’m quite sure no one is going to pay $1 for an 8 oz drink when they could get a 64 oz drink for the same price. But maybe that’s our problem.

So I have decided to copy our friend, Jamie Oliver and start my own little revolution. A Drink Revolution. I will not drink any beverage except water, in a glass larger than 8 oz. Coffee, tea, soda, frapamuchoholic, whatever you want to use, I will not drink any more than 8 oz. If you’d like to join me, feel free. Maybe we could all learn something about our big, big nation and not become big, big ourselves.

Who’s with me?

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