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Your Insecurity is Holding Back Your Husband!

We’ve talked a lot about how our insecurity holds us back from being the person God created us to be, but have you ever considered that our insecurity might also hold back those closest to us? Consider for a moment that your insecurity might be holding back your husband (married or not, stay with me.)

If you’re married think about this: The old ball and chain might not be marriage itself, but marriage to a woman who is insecure.

Let’s say your husband works in a place where there are a lot of pretty women. If you are constantly insecure about your husband being around those pretty girls, soon you’re going to say something. At first it might be a passing comment to see if he’s noticed, but if you’re nagging insecurities aren’t satisfied, your comments, or demands might get much worse.

“I don’t want you having lunch with those women, or be alone with them… You need to be careful around them because you’re married. What if you started spending more time with one of them and then you cheated on me!”

First of all, I realize this may be a little extreme, but if you’re not saying it out loud, you’re probably thinking it in your head. And we all know that the battle for overcoming insecurity is often won and lost in our minds. Secondly, I need to remind us all that even suggesting to our husbands that they might be less than faithful is like a punch in the gut. Has he noticed the pretty ladies in his office? Probably. He’s a guy. Has he thought about having an affair with one of them? NO! Well, at least not until you mentioned something about it.

What has your insecurity done? Nothing positive.

A. You’ve: insulted your husband’s faithfulness by giving into the enemy’s fear that your husband is going to abandon you,

B. You’ve put yourself down by comparing your beauty to another women–a woman your husband is not married to, but works with everyday.

C. You’ve injected doubt and worry into your mind like a syringe and now every time your husband leaves for work, you wonder… but above all, you’ve

D. Put thoughts into you husbands mind that might not have been there before. How is he going to act around the office now? Cautious? Unsure? Distracted? Held back?

That is just one of many examples I will write about for space and time sake. But let me talk briefly to my single ladies.

Single ladies: you’re insecurity is holding back your husband. Now, I understand about God’s perfect timing and brining Mr. Right along should be out of your hands and firmly placed in God’s, but ask yourself this question: Might God be waiting on you to learn a few things before He brings along Mr. Right? Are there some insecurities that are holding back that moment when you and your husband-to-be will meet for the first time? This was true in my own life as I look back on almost a year of marriage. I can honestly say, my insecurities were definitely holding back that beautiful moment when I first met my husband. So what should you do? Get to work!

A. Find out what those things are that are holding you back from being you.

B. Ask a trusted friend to be honest with you about what they see in your life that could be a stumbling block to the next chapter unfolding.

C. Don’t let yourself or the next stage of your life be held back by your insecurities.

Your Insecurity is Holding Back Your Husband–it’s time to let them both go.

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