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Stop Feeding Your Insecurity. Starve It.

We all struggle with insecurities. Whether it be the fear of what people think, holding us back, or our own inner voices telling us we’re less than we are, we all struggle in one form or another.

When you think about your insecurities think of them like little monsters, little imps, jumping around waiting for attention, waiting for you to give them center stage to the interactions of your life. As long as you don’t pay them any attention you can manage. As long as you ignore, hush, and master them, they will not interrupt your life. But most of the time it’s not that easy. And for people who don’t understand that these insecurities are unwelcome guests, they might do the unthinkable.

People who aren’t in the fight for freedom over their insecurities might actually be feeding them without knowing!

Are you feeding your insecurities?

I spent some time with a young woman a couple days ago. Bright, young, beautiful, with lots of potential. I’m not sure how it came up (of course thinking back on it now, anything could’ve come up in this conversation since it was non-stop chatter from the moment we encountered each other) but we got to talking about insecurities. She confessed that she is so insecure she feels like she has to fill the silence with talking (no joke, like I didn’t know that already!)

I found it interesting that she knew this about herself, and yet didn’t do anything to stop it. She feared being alone so severely that she would hold you in a conversation for well past the norm just so she didn’t have to stand, sit or be alone. The funny thing is, the more she talked, the more she fed her insecurity, the more people didn’t want to be around her. Interesting. Is it possible that we are feeding the very thing we fear the most?

What about you? What is an insecurity for you?

Perhaps you are insecure with asking people for help. You think if you ask for help, you’ll be a burden to others. The minute that thought goes through your mind, stop it in it’s tracks. Don’t feed that insecurity. Starve it. Ask for help, be thankful, and don’t apologize for it.

Maybe you’re insecure about the way you look. Maybe you carry more weight than what is healthy, but instead of having hope that you can pull yourself out of bondage you go back to the very thing that got you there in the first place. Food. Quit feeding your insecurity! Starve it! Make a plan for yourself and kick that little monster to the curb!

Maybe you’re overly critical of others because you don’t feel good about yourself. You think putting others down will make you feel better, and if you can get others to agree with your critical behavior you’ve won even more. But what you might not be aware of, is that every time you say a negative word about someone else you’re tossing your insecurity a T-bone steak. Stop feeding your insecurity! Starve it. When the temptation comes to say something critical about another person, stop yourself and say something positive instead.

We have got to get a handle on our inner monsters, or they will get a handle on us. The more you feed them, the stronger they get. Stop feeding your insecurities. Starve them. Dinner is over.

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