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Form Teams to Help Leaders Belong in Your Youth Ministry

Last night we started SWITCH, our student ministry at It was incredible. The energy alone was enough to pull even the shyest kid into the mix.

One great change we made this semester with our adult volunteer leaders was establishing point people over different teams. We decided to make these teams around the different schools in our community. We have five major schools that we pull students from, as well as a group we call “mixed schools” for any student who comes from a private, Christian or other smaller school.

Each point leader is assigned a number of leaders to make up the team. Think of it as a little family. Each family or team is responsible for the students who go to those schools. This is where we will form our small groups and community groups as we continue on this semester.

The greatest thing about these teams that I witnessed last night was the fact that every leader belonged. They had a place, a family that they could call their own. Every leader walked away feeling known by another person–even if it was just me and their point leader. That enabled them to go and make students feel known, to make students feel welcome. I walked out into the lobby after our leader meeting last night to almost every leader engaged in conversation with a student.

It’s amazing what the feeling of belonging can do. It gives you confidence. It gives you the knowledge that no matter what happens someone has your back.

Forming teams helps leaders not get lost in the mix or fall through the cracks. Our goal this semester is to grow from 55 leaders to 100 leaders. I don’t think we would have hope to reach this goal without the help from our point leaders and the manageability of these teams. This will allow us to grow bigger while growing smaller.

I cannot wait to see what this semester brings as we buckle down, join arms, and forge the hill to fight for these teenagers.

What do you say? Join the team?

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