Headaches and Blog Posts Don’t Mix

I’ve got a huge headache this morning. I was up all night last night because of a stupid cricket that would not shut up! I wanted to kill something.

So I’ve decided that headaches and blog posts don’t mix, but here are some random pictures I took yesterday. Enjoy!

This is my water bottle. I don’t go anywhere without it. Six of these babies equals one gallon of water. Drink water. It’s good for you.

This is Vince. I work right next to him. He is an awesome youth pastor and he has a blog too. Click right here and you will see.

This is Batman and Robin. Josh Wren is probably one of the most original people I know. He is always wearing crazy looking T-shirts.

Big SWITCH starts two weeks from today. It is our bring in event for our student ministry. I’m hoping for 500+ students to come, have fun and hear about Jesus. Come join us and help out with this event.

That is all I have the energy for… debating whether I should go to a school and visit some kids or if that would just make my headache worse…. SWITCH tonight. Gotta get over it sometime…

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