Big, Bigger, BIGGEST

Big SWITCH starts tonight!

This is the “Bring In” part of our purpose at to Bring In, Build Up, Train and Send Out.We believe that through BIG SWITCH God will bring students through these doors that might not otherwise come to church.

We will provide an amazing environment that our students feel excited to invite their friends. We hope and pray that God brings the masses so they can hear of His love and He can change their lives.

This is the purpose of Big SWITCH. Over the years, as we’ve put on this event I’ve seen students come who have been of the fence about their walk with Christ. Big SWITCH brought them through our doors, relationships kept them there and God got a hold of them and changed their lives.

Sometimes I’ll ask some of our students how they heard about SWITCH, and why they started coming, more often than anything else I hear “I came for Big SWITCH.

This is the first of three consecutive weeks of our bring in event. This is where the rubber meets the road, where the real battle for these student’s spiritual lives begin.

I ask you to join me in prayer today and for the rest of this month for the students who will be a part of BIG SWITCH.

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