Need a Quickie?

Sometimes we all need a quickie.

I’m talking about a quick reminder of who we are and what we’ve been called to do. Come on, really??

  • You are NOT who other people say you are.
  • You are NOT what the enemy’s lies tell you.
  • You are NOT defeated.
  • You are NOT worthless.
  • You are NOT ugly.
  • You are NOT overcome.
  • You are NOT alone.

What are you?

  • You ARE who God says that you are (Forgiven, Set Free, Changed, Chosen, Blessed, Accepted.)
  • You ARE strong against the enemies lies.
  • You ARE a Conqueror. (Ro.8)
  • You ARE worth more than gold.
  • You ARE beautiful in God’s eyes (Ps. 45:11)
  • You ARE full of power to stand against anything, (Eph.1)
  • You ARE called to focus on others, building them up with words of encouragement. (Col. 3:16)

Now, believe it. Walk in it. Be changed by it.


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