The Right Side of Obedience

There’s a certain confidence that comes when you know your purpose in life. You have guidance, and an invisible arrow pointing you in the direction you know you’re supposed to be going.

However, simply knowing your purpose isn’t enough.

Living your purpose is where life really gets sweet.

When you take that step of obedience there is a greater confidence that comes along, like a companion on the journey of life, keeping you company as you trudge forward. There is something about living on the right side of obedience that gives you the keys to unlock the doors that used to be closed. A new realm opens up. You see things differently. You experience life more vibrantly and carry a new sense of purpose you’ve only ever heard about.

Are you living on the right side of obedience? What will it take for you to take that step of faith and start doing what it is you know God has called you to do?

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