It’s Been Too Long

Hello everyone!

Forgive the absence from the blog. I’ve been super busy with so many exciting things happening.

Cody and I are working hard on starting a blog together. This will be mostly based around marriage, communication and our lives, with touches of each of our passions and thoughts on things like technology, overcoming insecurity, leadership, political views etc. We’re really excited about it and feel God calling us to start this together. It’s going to be a Here’s a little taste of our logo done by the beautiful Amy Sharp over at

Out of this blog I’ve also started a personal training/boot camp business called LiveLaughLight. Starting in January I will offer classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30pm $100 per person for four weeks. Send me an e-mail or DM if you’re interested!

I’ve been working hard on the first draft of a book that’s been stirring inside me for the last three years about overcoming insecurity. I have an end goal of December 15th for the first draft and will send it in to a friend to hopefully get some ideas for publishing! More to come on that one!

We’re wrapping up our semester for SWITCH and I’m just so excited for the Christmas holiday this year! I was just reading in Luke about when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple to be dedicated. You can access a great reading plan at it’s called Rediscovering the Christmas Season.

Today’s reading focused on two people who waited at the temple everyday for the coming of Jesus. Simone and Anna–two prophets who dedicated their lives to seeing the Christ arrive. I was encouraged and challenged when I read about how devout these two people were for the coming of Christ. In the reading plan it encouraged all of us to have that same excitement and expectation for the second coming of Christ–when He returns for us. I know I don’t always think about it, getting too caught up in the life I lead here on the earth, but it really made me think. I want to have the same excitement for the coming of Christ that I do for Christmas. I want to be so in love with Christ that I do what Anna the Prophetess does “She talked about Jesus to everyone.” Luke 2:37 and I want to encourage all of us to foster that same excitement. I think if we truly knew what that day was going to be like, there wouldn’t be anything that could keep us from being as excited as we possibly could.

So today, get excited! There are amazing things to come!

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