October Boot Camp with Shape Project

I want to pass on the invitation for our October boot camp kicking off this coming Tuesday, October 5th, at 6:00pm. We will meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner.

We had a tremendous month in September with 10 ladies! If you’d like to get their feedback you can e-mail a few of them here:

lovefloatslow@gmail.com –Lulu Scott

Photographer_abi@yahoo.com –Abi Martin

chelle1520@yahoo.com –Michelle Brown

I can’t tell you how much I recommend joining boot camp. Not only do you get personal training, accountability to work out, but you gain some of the deepest friendships you will ever have. There is a sisterhood that comes from sweating together, fighting for that last crunch, that last push up, or that last mile. If for nothing else, join for the community of girls that are all reaching for the same thing you’re reaching for!

New member cost is $200, but if you sign up by tomorrow (October 5nd) you can get $20 off.  Veteran tuition (those ladies who joined us for September) is $140.00. 

Members can split up their tuition into two payments if you choose. One payment next week and the balance 2 weeks later.


To sign up, all you have to do is send Melissa an e-mail at shapeproject@cox.net

Really looking forward to see who will sign up and be a part of this life-changing journey. Check out some pics of the girls from September!


Our good friend, and amazing artist Abi Ruth Martin wanted to shoot Cody and I for our one year anniversary. In her genius she wanted to play off our last name “Light” and do some fun shots using sunLIGHT, streetLIGHT, and lanternLIGHT. See what you think and tell me which one is your favorite!

The Small Seemingly Insignificant Things in Life that are Actually Quite Important

Sometimes we can get so busy with life that we forget the small things. The things we think won’t matter in the long run, or the things that we subconsciously put at a lower priority than other really important things.  I’ll make my list of what I think these things are. Feel free to add to it in the comment section.

  • Prayer–How often do we really do it?
  • Holding the door for someone
  • Giving an encouraging word
  • Doing the right thing–even when no one is watching
  • Picking up a piece of trash
  • A phone call just to say hi
  • Putting something back where you found it
  • Stop. Listen. Learn something new about someone
  • Go a whole day without complaining
  • Enjoy the journey–not necessarily the destination
  • Include someone
  • Write a thank you note
  • Buy someone a gift for no reason
  • Think about someone other than yourself
  • Help someone with their project
  • Have someone over for dinner
  • Be honest

What do you think are some small seemingly insignificant things in life that are actually quite important? Share your thoughts!

We Ran the Jail Break

We ran the Jail Break yesterday and I’m chocking it up to be one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while.

The race itself was challenging but not hard. I found that if I just kept running without stopping I did pretty good. Through mud and rivers, winding woods, and crazy obstacles we finally came to the finish line in the top 20 for our heat. I finished as the 4th female for our heat as well.

It was a fun race to do with friends and we’re already planning it for next year. Who’s in?

Please Excuse My Brain Dump

Oh may word! What a month! I’ll be glad when the craziness of September is over and we fall into a new normal in October. You’ll have to just excuse my brain dump for today’s post. I’m tired, and I need a place to put all my thoughts.

After today, our carpet will be laid in our bedroom. Finally after having a swimming pool in our living room, a month and few days later we’ll actually be able to move back into our bedroom and carry on with life as normal… whatever normal is! It has been a long month of living out of our spare bedroom, while the rest of the house looked like a construction zone. I’ll be glad to get rid of all the dust, and put my house back in order.

Big SWITCH continues this month, with one more week next Wednesday. I love Big SWITCH, but it will be nice to get back to normal, with small groups, and a little less chaos.  On an another note, I’m continually blown away by the quality of leaders we have at Northwest campus. It makes it that much more fun when you’re ministering with people you actually love to be around.

Shape Project’s Fall Bootcamp is going great! We have 7-8 girls every week, and they are kicking some major booty. I really enjoy helping Melissa train. It’s definitely made my schedule busier, but it’s something I love to do.

Cody and I are going down to Ft. Worth on Saturday to spend a little time together before our Run the Jail Break obstacle race on Sunday. I’m so excited to break out of the norm and get away for a couple days… even if it is just Texas :)

Those are the highlights, amongst other drama with students, getting over my cold, and trying to find some time to spend with family, I have a very full and exciting life that I absolutely love. However, sometimes I just wish I could put it all on hold for about 24 hours and get my house clean, get the laundry done, take the dog to the vet, go grocery shopping… all the important things.

Thanks for letting me brain dump!

Have You Ever Stopped to Think…

…there are a lot of interesting people in the world?

The sad truth is we often don’t take the time to stop and think about the other 6 billion people on this planet. Too many times we are caught up in our own world to notice the beauty, uniqueness and differences of the individuals around us. We can get so pigeon-holed and narrow-minded on our own problems, our own worries and never give a second thought to anyone else. Often times we are so focused on our own lives that we forget the lives and stories of people sitting right around us.

Want to try an experiment? Go to some place that has lots of people. Examples could include: the mall, a coffee shop, the State Fair… anywhere where you can sit down and just observe. A little eavesdropping is okay too, as long as it doesn’t look like you’re eavesdropping. :)

I’m sitting at a coffee shop right now, and the people beside me are talking about how to help their friend get a citizenship in another country. He wants to move to Nicaragua!

I just heard another girl just share that her dream is to live in a cabin in the snowy mountains… with her partner… (interesting)

Another woman is meeting a client to talk advertising…

Doing this exercise reminds me to step out of my own world for just a moment and realize every person matters, and not everyone shares my same views, ideals and beliefs. Every person has a story, every person lives their life right along with me and I don’t need to forget it.

What do you need to do to step out of your own world and notice others around you?


Confession: Growing up I never knew what those silly signs were in the football crowds on TV. They held up a D and then a picket fence… I thought “How strange. It must mean something.” Not knowing anything about football I had to ask my dad. He went on to explain all aspects of the game and I can honestly say I enjoy watching football today because of his explanation.

But I’m not going to be talking about football defense. Today, I want to talk about another kind of defense. I want to talk about the attitude of being defensive as it relates to insecurity.

Show me a defensive person, and I’ll show you a person with lots of insecurities.

Let’s get a working definition of the word defense: Defense: noun serving to defend; protective: resistance  against  attack; protection:

Someone who is always on the defense doesn’t feel safe in who they are. Being defensive means you will protect yourself against anything and everything, even if it means missing out on something great.

Here are a few examples of a defensive person:

  • No one can joke with you because you take everything literally.
  • No one can (or even wants to) give you suggestions on how to do something better because they know it will end up in disaster.
  • You hold almost everyone at arms length, afraid of any real, caring relationships.
  • You are always more talk than action–you believe if you paint a good picture, no one will really know what’s going on underneath.

Ask yourself: Do you know a defensive person? It is almost impossible to have a real relationship with them because they always seem to hold you at arms length.

Are you a defensive person? Does almost everything other people do look like an attack to you? What are you really protecting yourself against?

Defense is a vital part of a good football game, but it will ruin the relationships in your life if you allow it to control you.

Don’t allow defensiveness to control your behavior. In the end living free from defensive behavior is a much better way to win the game.

Do You Have Freedom Envy?

I had breakfast with a chic last week who has been freed from much insecurity. She has allowed God to reveal to her the lies she believed about herself, and accepted His truth instead. This woman shines with freedom. No longer does she live under the shadow of bondage. She’s captivating, encouraging and full of the love of God.

But there was something troubling her. Ever since she stepped into her new found freedom, the other women in her life have treated her inhumanely. Some of the exchanges my friend has had to put up with, are just plain childish. Cut-downs and negativity. Hurtful words and hateful attitudes. My friend asked me, “What did I do to get this kind of response?”

Nothing. Except get free.

As women, if we’re not careful, we can struggle with petty jealousy. I call it Freedom Envy, caused from not being content with who we are.

We see another woman walking in the freedom we wish we had and something rises up in us. Discontent, depression, obsession, anger, jealousy, hatred… these emotions take control of our attitudes and we lash out causing our insecurity to pull us even tighter into bondage.

I used to struggle with this very thing. There was a girl I grew up with who seemed to have it all: beauty, encouragement, full of life and everyone wanted to be around her. I found myself wishing I had her life, thinking that if I was like her than maybe I wouldn’t hate who I was so much.

Then I realized this truth: I wouldn’t make a very good, her. But I would make an excellent me. No one else could be me. Through this, and many other realizations of truth I found my identity and rested in the security it brought. Not too long after I started walking in my freedom I got a call from another girl confessing her jealousy of me. She told me, “I find myself thinking that if I could just be like Anna, then I will like myself. Then, maybe people will want to be around me.” I told her the same thing God had revealed to me: “You wouldn’t make a very good, Anna. But you make an excellent you!”

See, it’s not the person we envy, but the freedom they have found that we want for ourselves. A quote I heard yesterday brings a lot to light:

“It is the things no one sees that results in what everyone wants.”–Craig Groeschel

No one knows what someone might go through to overcome their insecurities. No one can appreciate the pain, tears, doubts and questions that go into finding your identity in Christ. No one, but you.

So ladies, I beg of us, let’s not allow jealousy to steal another sister’s joy and freedom. Instead, let’s start our own journey to discovering it for ourselves. After all, you’ll never make a very good “someone else.” But you’ll make an excellent YOU!

Need a Quickie?

Sometimes we all need a quickie.

I’m talking about a quick reminder of who we are and what we’ve been called to do. Come on, really??

  • You are NOT who other people say you are.
  • You are NOT what the enemy’s lies tell you.
  • You are NOT defeated.
  • You are NOT worthless.
  • You are NOT ugly.
  • You are NOT overcome.
  • You are NOT alone.

What are you?

  • You ARE who God says that you are (Forgiven, Set Free, Changed, Chosen, Blessed, Accepted.)
  • You ARE strong against the enemies lies.
  • You ARE a Conqueror. (Ro.8)
  • You ARE worth more than gold.
  • You ARE beautiful in God’s eyes (Ps. 45:11)
  • You ARE full of power to stand against anything, (Eph.1)
  • You ARE called to focus on others, building them up with words of encouragement. (Col. 3:16)

Now, believe it. Walk in it. Be changed by it.


Big, Bigger, BIGGEST

Big SWITCH starts tonight!

This is the “Bring In” part of our purpose at LifeChurch.tv to Bring In, Build Up, Train and Send Out.We believe that through BIG SWITCH God will bring students through these doors that might not otherwise come to church.

We will provide an amazing environment that our students feel excited to invite their friends. We hope and pray that God brings the masses so they can hear of His love and He can change their lives.

This is the purpose of Big SWITCH. Over the years, as we’ve put on this event I’ve seen students come who have been of the fence about their walk with Christ. Big SWITCH brought them through our doors, relationships kept them there and God got a hold of them and changed their lives.

Sometimes I’ll ask some of our students how they heard about SWITCH, and why they started coming, more often than anything else I hear “I came for Big SWITCH.

This is the first of three consecutive weeks of our bring in event. This is where the rubber meets the road, where the real battle for these student’s spiritual lives begin.

I ask you to join me in prayer today and for the rest of this month for the students who will be a part of BIG SWITCH.

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