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Stretch, Massage and Get Rid of Cellulite

A friend of mine told me about this foam tube used for stretching muscles. She showed me how to use it at the gym and I haven’t been the same since. This small tube gets down into the deep tissue and even reduces cellulite in problem areas. You can use it anywhere: legs, inner thighs, back, arms, neck, head. Check out my deep tissue massaging moves!

I picked mine up at Target for $20.00 (actually it was a birthday gift from mom and dad! Thanks!) It’s amazing how good it feels to stretch tired muscles after a long run. I highly recommend getting one yourself!

October Boot Camp with Shape Project

I want to pass on the invitation for our October boot camp kicking off this coming Tuesday, October 5th, at 6:00pm. We will meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner.

We had a tremendous month in September with 10 ladies! If you’d like to get their feedback you can e-mail a few of them here: –Lulu Scott –Abi Martin –Michelle Brown

I can’t tell you how much I recommend joining boot camp. Not only do you get personal training, accountability to work out, but you gain some of the deepest friendships you will ever have. There is a sisterhood that comes from sweating together, fighting for that last crunch, that last push up, or that last mile. If for nothing else, join for the community of girls that are all reaching for the same thing you’re reaching for!

New member cost is $200, but if you sign up by tomorrow (October 5nd) you can get $20 off.  Veteran tuition (those ladies who joined us for September) is $140.00. 

Members can split up their tuition into two payments if you choose. One payment next week and the balance 2 weeks later.

To sign up, all you have to do is send Melissa an e-mail at

Really looking forward to see who will sign up and be a part of this life-changing journey. Check out some pics of the girls from September!

We Ran the Jail Break

We ran the Jail Break yesterday and I’m chocking it up to be one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while.

The race itself was challenging but not hard. I found that if I just kept running without stopping I did pretty good. Through mud and rivers, winding woods, and crazy obstacles we finally came to the finish line in the top 20 for our heat. I finished as the 4th female for our heat as well.

It was a fun race to do with friends and we’re already planning it for next year. Who’s in?

The Shape Project’s Fall Boot Camp

Earlier this week I mentioned something about Shape Project’s Fall Boot Camp starting September 7th. I wanted to highlight it again to encourage all of you who ever thought about signing yourself up under a trainer.

For me, it was the best decision I could’ve made. Not only does working out under a trainer push you past your limit it also helps you stay consistent in your work outs because you know she’ll be waiting for you every morning.

Now there’s even more of a reason to join the Shape Project Community. Starting September 7th Shape Project will begin it’s fall boot camp. Not only are you working out with a trainer, you are working out with ten other men or women each pushing each other to do better, work harder and see amazing results. Check out how I shaped up this summer!

Thank you Randy Coleman for the awesome pics!

Read the add below and sign up today!

Girls and guys, if you are tired of your exercise routine, or looking for a
fun and engaging way to get fit and lose weight then join Shape Project’s
Fall Boot Camp, starting September 7th, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
evenings at 6pm
with Shape Projects own Melissa Cox, M.S. Any level of
fitness is welcome. Join the group for only $200 for 12 sessions (4 weeks)
and get in the best shape of your life.

Join others at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City while we mix strength training and cardio to get fit, lose
weight and stay healthy. Now is the time to register! E-mail or call 496-5891 for more information or to register for the class.
September 3rd is the last day to register for this class. (An early bird registration of 10% off applies if you sign up by September 1st Also, take an additional 10% off the price if you refer two other people to join the class!) Invest in your
health and join the Shape Project community.

Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month!

Join Shape Project’s Fall Boot Camp!

I started working out with Shape Project in June this year. I didn’t really know what to expect but after three sessions I started to notice a difference in the way I looked and felt. Everything got tighter! My arms shaped up, my booty got firmer, my abs started forming, and I dropped 7 pounds.

Melissa is an incredible trainer. She has the amazing ability to push you past your breaking point and show you there’s more in you than you thought. She is tough, but encouraging at the same time. She has a passion to help men and women get in shape and to help them live a better life.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that Shape Project will be hosting it’s Fall Boot Camp Starting September 7th on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6pm to 7pm at Hafer Park in Edmond. These sessions are perfect for anyone wanting to get in better shape or lose weight.

The cost for 12 sessions (4 weeks, with three sessions per week) is $200 including the Shape Project’s T-shirt. Take it from me, it is a small investment into something that will change they way you think about exercise, your body and getting healthy.

Try it. Give it one month and see if you don’t notice a difference as well. The deadline for registration is September 3rd.

For more information e-mail and join the Shape Project community!

I’m Running the JailBreak

A couple weeks ago, my friend, Vince Parker posted a blog about a run called the Jail Break. After little thought he, my husband, a friend of ours and yes, I joined the team as well, signed up for it.

It’s September 18th and 19th in Fort Worth Texas. Basically, the Jail Break is a 3.8 mile run over cars, through mud, and all the different obstacles around the maze. The idea behind the Jail Break is “to break free from the daily grind, from old habits, from your typical (boring) races.”

I like to think of it in a different sort of way. I am running the JailBreak for every woman, man,  girl, boy, child, and person who battles with insecurity. I will run for freedom in a different sense. I will run like I’m breaking free from a different kind of jail.

Keep posted for my own pictures and stories of this amazing experience.

Please, Tell the Truth

When I was younger I told a lie. Ok, so I told lots of lies and most of those lies were told so I wouldn’t get into trouble. The problem was, every lie I told got me into deeper trouble when the lie was found out. Because the lie is always found out. The truth always has a way of surfacing given enough time.

You know that feeling you have when you tell a lie? It’s almost as if you float out of your body and watch yourself. You get this quick sweaty feeling all over your body and your heart rate picks up a few notches. You wait, holding your breath to see if the lie was a success and when you realize it was, you want to let out that breath, but can’t. You end up holding that breath for weeks, maybe years, you hold it for as long as the lie lasts because you know at any moment it could be found out and then it would all be over.

I remember the way it feels when you finally decided to tell the truth. You let that breath go and this enormous weight lifts off your shoulders. You realize life on the right side of truth isn’t so bad and you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

The truth is always the best rout to take. Even if you think a lie will save you from trouble or embarrassment, imagine the trouble or embarrassment you’ll have to face when that lie is found out. Because the lie is always found out. The truth always has a way of surfacing given enough time.

Please, tell the truth. It’s the right thing to do.

Are You Falling for this Trick?

Last night I was sitting on the couch, not wanting to do anything. I could have been reading, but didn’t feel like I had the energy to pay attention. I could have been writing, but new I couldn’t focus long enough to get out a sentence. I was always taught to do something “constructive” you know, something that used the mind, but all I wanted to do was sit in front of the TV and veg.

As I was sitting there I remembered something I learned as a student. Someone once showed me something amazing–something I had forgotten until that moment.

This influential person told me that the world had tricked us. He said the things the world sells us, and the things we think are fun are acutally only robbing us of our potential, robbing us of using our minds for greatness. I asked him what he meant and he showed me.

“Take the word amuse, for example. Off the top of your head, what do you think that word means? What comes to mind when you hear it?

Amuse means something is funny. I think of amusement parks and fun things to do…”

“You’re right. The word amuse brings about positive feelings of fun, laughter and being carefree. But don’t let it fool you. Take the letter ‘A’ away from the word and you get: Muse–which means to think or meditate quietly. Putting that A in front of the word defines the word to mean the exact oposite–Amuse–to divert the mind to something entertaining. In effect, to allow the mind a break from thinking.

“Now, don’t get me wrong,” he continued.  “A little amusement is good for everyone, so long as you continue to use your mind, grow it, challenge it and expand it more than you let it go.”

Often times I fight against the urge to let my mind go instead of using it to bring about positive outcomes. I don’t want to be unaware of the worlds tricks. That’s why I’m adopting the phrase: Muse before you Amuse. Before you sit down in front of the TV, do something that uses your mind: Read a few chapters in a book, make something creative, organize something in your house, write a blog. Use your mind more than you let it go. It’s time to do something constructive.

Muse before you Amuse.

My Mid-Year Resolutions

Every year around this time, I like to make some mid-year goals, or resolutions. Most people wait for a new year to roll around, but I like to see if I’m hitting my targets and compare myself to where I was the last time I made my mid-year resolutions.

Here are last years mid-year goals: March 2009Target

Physical: It might be funny to say, but I’d really like to I WILL get into a two-piece bathing suit this summer. I’ve never worn a two-piece and been comfortable in it. This year is the year to be different. I can honestly say I’ve reached this goal. I wouldn’t say I’m completely comfortable in it, but I think that has more to do with my frame of mind than it does the way I look. Of course I will continue to work hard so that I can enjoy this summer in my own body.

Financial: I’d like to I WILL pay off my car by the end of the year—December 2009. Paid off my car December 2009.

Writing: I WILL have the first draft of my book written by December 2009. Did not accomplish this goal. I blame it on the wedding!

Ministry: I WILL be revamping my website to upload videos and get on a speakers rotation so that I can have more opportunities to speak. This will happen by July 2009. I uploaded some videos to my web site and revamped the look, however I’m still working on getting some speaking engagements outside of LC.

For this year’s mid-year resolutions:

Physical–Continue working hard and eating healthy. I will lose 10-15 pounds by the end of July 2010.

Financial–Cody and I bought a Toyota Sequoia a couple months ago. We’d like it to be paid off by the end of this year, or by January of 2011.

Writing–Continue blogging everyday (Monday–Friday) for the remainder of this year. Get more readers, commenters, subscribers and Twitter followers to spread my message of overcoming insecurity. Complete one chapter of book by the end of this year.

Ministry–Start a small group for women around Overcoming Insecurity and Identity in Christ by August 2010.

How about you? Want to make some mid-year resolutions so we can keep each other accountable? It’s a good practice in self-discipline and follow through. Why not take a crack at it? Leave your resolutions in the comment section. What do you need to do to make sure you hit your target?

The Power of Community

“Community is the catalyst for life-change.” I stole this quote from a good friend and co-worker, Robert Davis who is our LifeGroups and Missions Pastor. He couldn’t be more right.

I started a life group over three years ago in my little one bedroom apartment. People came and people left, but the ones who stuck became the core of our group. We’ve been together for over three years and the relationships we’ve built have been life-changing. I met and got to know my husband through life group. Another couple also met and are now married due to the group. My best friends are in the group, but we didn’t start out as friends. It took time, patience and intentionality to grow into what it is now.

One of my favorite stories is about a guy named Kelley. When he started coming to the group he was sporadic. He’d come one week and then we wouldn’t see him for the next three. Kelley suffered a seizure and because of that his drivers license was taken away. Not being able to go anywhere on his own, his parents started bringing him to life group every week. We began to build a relationship with Kelley.

One week, I asked if he would lead the group. He was hesitant telling me he’s never really done anything like that before. I told him it would be ok, and to pray and ask God to show him what to share. The next week, Kelley came with an amazing lesson. Later, he shared with me that it had been the first time in a long time to open his Bible to get ready for the lesson. Since then, our group has been able to hold Kelley accountable to reading his Word and growing in Christ. Kelley is now starting his own life group at our Yukon Campus where he lives!

Community is the catalyst for life-change. God used our relationship with Kelley to mold and shape him as he molded and shaped each one of us.

I encourage you, if you are not in some kind of Biblical community, find one! I know it can be hard to find the one that fits, but when you do the life-changing benefits far out-weight the search.

Community changes lives. Are you living in community?

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