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Only Ugly Girls Talk About Inner Beauty

Have you ever seen that reality show, where they gather the most beautiful girls from all over America? I think it was called “Beauty from the Inside, Out.”

They tell these girls that they are in a contest to see who is the most beautiful. What the contestants don’t know is that the show is really about their inner beauty.

The show sets up scenarios that unknowingly tests the girl’s character. Scenarios range from helping an elderly man into a cab, to helping a lost child find his mother, and everything in between. When these girls get eliminated from the contest, they bring them in and show them footage of how they acted in these scenarios. Let me tell you, most of it was not what you’d call “beautiful”. Beautiful

My co-workers were talking about the show yesterday and it got me to thinking how much attention our society puts on outward beauty. The sad part is, if we’re not intentional, we let society decide what is important for us. I noticed this happening in my own life recently.

For the past month I have been working my booty off at the gym. I worked out for nine days straight one week, most of those days I was doing two, 1 hour workouts. I was killing myself because I knew bathing suit weather was just around the corner. Many of those days, if I didn’t have enough time to squeeze in my workout and my Bible reading, it was the Bible reading that got skipped. I know I started to drive my husband crazy when every other conversation we had was something about my body or how unhappy I was with how I looked. I even started comparing myself to every skinny, beautiful girl I saw, letting my inner dialogue take me to a place I’m not proud to share. I was getting off track, following a path that only led to disappointment and discontentment.

I tell you this for many reasons. A. It’s cheaper than therapy. B. I want to show you how caught up I got in what the world has labeled “beautiful,” and hope that we can drop the the masks for a bit and find some common ground.

We have to take back the lie that says Only Ugly Girls Talk About Inner Beauty and realize that we will never be satisfied striving for the perfect image. We must except the truth that we’ve already been given the perfect image if we are living in Christ’s. Yes, I know we’ve all heard this before, but don’t you think it’s because it might be true? Beauty from the outside only lasts as long as your money holds out. Beauty from the inside is a priceless gem that if truly sought for, will last well past your life.

When will we stop putting the focus on what only goes skin deep and start purposefully growing our beauty from the inside out? I’m starting now.

You’re Nobody Unless You’re Pretty

This lie has so many women addicted to the gym. It has their wallets stretched thin with the latest beauty products, fashions and specialties all promising to keep them looking beautiful. It encourages women to seek medical advice about the shape of their nose, or the size of their stomach. It’s deception keeps our noses in magazines and our eyes on what the world has told us is the standard of beauty.

You’re Nobody Unless You’re Pretty

Pretty to who? Pretty to your husband? Pretty to your friends, co-workers, parents, siblings, or strangers? Who are we asking to answer this question? Are they not giving us the answers we want? Are they not satisfying our need for validation in the area of our image? Why do we continue to strive for beauty and yet every time we look in the mirror we see the same old thing?

Maybe because we’re asking the wrong people. Maybe because we’re letting the wrong people decide what the standard of beauty should be. Have you ever asked yourself if you think you’re beautiful? What did you say? Therein lies your answer.

Ladies, until we begin to feel beautiful on the inside there is no amount of primping, prepping or plucking that can make us feel beautiful on the outside.

We must come to rest with who we are before we can look in the mirror and actually believe the truth that we are beautiful. (Read that again.) We must come to rest with who we are before we can look in the mirror and believe the truth that WE ARE BEAUTIFUL! God’s Word says, “The King is enthralled with your beauty, honor Him for He is your Lord.”–Psalms 45:11. That is truth, girls! We have been made in the image of GOD. Why do we have such a hard time believing it? Maybe because we haven’t learned to accept ourselves for who we are yet. Maybe because we haven’t learned to love ourselves. How do we expect to accept God’s love for us, if we don’t even love ourselves? Believe me, it won’t work. I know from experience.

So maybe the reflection of the mirror isn’t where we start. Maybe a better question to ask ourselves is, “What is the reflection of my heart? Have I accepted myself for who God made me to be? Have I accepted His love for me, and His truth that I am beautiful?”

Asking these questions and seeking the truth in them is a great first step in accepting who you are. Here are three more steps to help you on the journey:

1. Write down the top three physical things you don’t like about yourself. Do you have the power to change these things? Do it!

2. Write down the top five physical things you LOVE about yourself.

3. Spend time in Gods word seeking scriptures about what He thinks of you. Start memorizing these.

You’re Nobody Unless You’re Pretty

Your Beauty Makes the King of the Universe Gasp in Shock

Believe it!

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