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Do You Know Someone Who Has Reached Their Dream?

Do you know someone who has reached their dream? I do. Her name is Katie Mansour, and she is my sister. Katie

At an early age, (not even 13 years old) she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. My grandpa, who we affectionately called “Popabob” was ill with cancer and it was little 12 year old Katie who stayed by his side through the whole ordeal. His illness didn’t scare her, instead it developed in her a passion for care. She stood right next to the nurse every time his medication was given, and even got to administer it by herself a time or two. She slept on the floor by his bed at night just in case he might need anything. From that moment on, she knew: She was going to be a nurse.

I’m so proud to tell everyone that yesterday, my sister, took her last test in nursing school. She is now a nursing school graduate. One more test to pass her boards and she will be an official Registered Nurse. Of course, with or without the title, she’s always been one to us.

You might not think it is a huge accomplishment–sure lots of people are nurses. But from where I sit, not many people know what they want to be when they are 12 years old, and then do everything in their power to make sure that dream comes true. For nine years she thought of nothing else, dedicating herself to the study of nursing, applying for nursing internships as a high school student, and making a 4.0 through college. She wanted it. She made it happen. To me, that is the biggest accomplishment I could ever imagine.

Congratulations, Katie. May we all be inspired by your drive, dedication, passion and desire to see your dream come true.

Polar Bear Plunge in Minnesota

Polar BearHave you heard that annoying commercial on the radio about Christmas traditions? Ya knooo, the one where tha lady is talkin’ about the Polar Bear Plunge in Minnesooooota? Yeah, that one.

Well, it got me thinking, this will be Cody’s and my first Christmas as a married couple and I want to start a few family traditions. They probably won’t include polar bear plunging, but I’ve gotten a few ideas. 

I wanted to see if you could come up with anything we could start doing, or share some of your own family traditions.

So leave a comment and pass this along to your freinds by clicking that green Twitter button right over there————–>so they can share too!

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