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They Say there’s a First for Everything…

I remember the first time I rode my bike without the training wheels. 

My family and I were camping out in one of those obscure, small-town camp sites.  The ones where the bathroom is a mile away, and the closest thing to running water is when my big brother would hold down the spout of the cooler we brought with us.  

My Dad had been working with me on my bike for over a week but I just couldn’t get the balance right. 

Finally, in the cool of the morning, as the leaves were turning colors, and the smell of the camp fire hung thick in the air, I pushed off and rode without Dad holding on.  The feeling of freedom was exhilarating.  

I’ve had many more firsts since then.  Especially this year.  My first kiss.  My first boyfriend.  (and my frist break up) My first real job.  But I’m learning that many more firsts are yet to come.  That is what I hope to capture here.  L.E.s or Life Experiences as Scott Williams would call them.  (Thanks for the guest blog opportunity!)   So read and comment, or just read and enjoy.  I love to write, I hope you will love to read. 

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